Normal lighters or Turbo lighters for the Vapbong vaporizer?:

The Vapbong vaporizer can be used perfectly with a normal lighter, but turbo lighters (also called torch lighters or jetflame lighters) offer a series of advantages.
Advantages of turbo lighters:

  • Weatherproof and rechargable. The turbo- or jetflame guarantees proper functioning outdoors, even under windy conditions. The lighters work with butane gas and can easily be recharged.
  • More efficient. The higher temperature of the flame does not only provide a shorter heating phase but also a more comfortable way of usage: You don’t need to inhale and heat up at the same time, you can perform the two steps separately (see step 12b in the written manual!). The procedure is more discreet, which is an advantage when using in public.
  • Cleaner. The flame of a turbo- or jetflame lighter does not produce soot; the outside of your Vapbong will always stay clean. Using normal lighters, you can also avoid soot by using the blue part of the flame to heat up your Vapbong (see step 11 of the written manual).
  • Multiple usage. An additional advantage of a torch lighter is that it may be used to clean the device: If you directly expose the inner filter to the flame (after taking it out as shown in the videos and instructions on, the accumulated resin will burn without dirtying the filter with soot.

On a general level, any turbo or jetflame lighter can be used. We currently offer the model you can see on the picture. It was recommended to us by Vapbong users and testing it we found the performance to be satisfying.


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