Spare parts

The Vapbong-philosophy about the life time and the spare parts you might need for this vapourizer is easy: A correctly used Vapbong vaporizer has to function a whole lifetime and the users should enjoy easy and inexpensive access to those spare parts that might need to be replaced over the years: the filters and the outer glass tube.
Every user can easily make and replace the filters of his or her Vapbong vaporizer. You only need a round pipe-screen made of brass with a diameter of 2cm (as commonly used for normal smoking pipes). Afterwards, just follow the instructions in the video about Vapbong vaporizer spare parts on That’s it.

The outer glass tube will neither break nor get dirty, if the device is used correctly. But it might get dropped accidentally or get dirty with soot, if you heat it up with a normal lighter and don’t use it as indicated (if you want to avoid soot, use the blue part of the flame or a Vapbong jet-flame lighter)

You can always clean the soot, but a broken outer glass tube can’t be used. That’s why it’s the only part of the device which is not made by us, you can purchase it everywhere. To replace the outer glass tube, search for stores that sell laboratory material and ask for a reinforced or Borosilicate 3.3 test-tube 12x75mm (inner diameter 10mm, length 75mm, outer diameter 12mm). That’s it.

The filters and the test-tube will be rather inexpensive.

For all those who prefer to buy these or other spare parts, prices are as follows (prices include VAT, shipping extra):

  • Inner glass tube: 12,00€
  • Mouthpiece: 12,00€
  • Rubber-piece: 10,50€
  • Case without lid: 10,50€
  • Lid: 2,00€
  • Outer glass tube: 2,00€
  • Inner filter: 3,00€
  • Outer filter: 3,00€

Instructions how to make the filters: